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Truth About Dracula

In Cinema
The Truth about Dracula / Die Wahrheit über Dracula
Documentary, D 2010, 16:9, color, 82 min.
Dir: Stanislaw Mucha
A production of U5 film production in coproduction with the HR and in cooperation with ARTE.  
Supported by Hessen film funds and Hessen Invest Film.

Vlad Tepes, the Impaler – alias Count Dracula – a Romanian prince from the 15th century: is he in truth one the good guys?
An entertaining trip through a country that imported a novel and turned it into an export hit. Transylvania, the land of Dracula and the original homeland of vampires, is also dominated by the Transylvanian Saxons, whose history of almost 1,000 years has ended 1990 - in one single summer.
When Bram Stoker wrote his novel DRACULA in 1897, the Romanians did not care much about their medieval leader Vlad Tepes (born in 1431). He bears the surname Tepes = The Impaler rightly so, but ist was not his invention - he adopted the piling from the Turks. Vlad Tepes was not more cruel than other rulers of his time. The Saxons from Transylvania distested him because he severely disturbed their business. When Stoker's novel became a bestseller, the Romanians quickly imported Dracula – making it an export hit.

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