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In Cinema
Documentary, DVCPro, D2007, color, 16:9, 92 min.
Dir: Stanislaw Mucha
A production of U5 film production GmbH & Co KG
In cooperation with Hessischer Rundfunk and ARTE
Supported by Hessen film funds
Producer: Kurt Otterbacher
Commissioning editor: Lili Kobbe

There are already more gypsies in Europe than Danish people. Estimates range between 6 to 12 million people. Inspite of being everywhere they are mostly invisible. Nowadays Europeans know more about fish in deep sea than about gypsies. Our film tries to change that.

Isabel Fonseca:
Bury Me Standing - The Gypsies and their Journey (Vintage 1996)
»A revelation«, wrote Salman Rushdie, »a hidden world, ignored and mysterious, persecuted and unkown - is discovered in this very moving book«.
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