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small planets – disconnected (AT)
Documentary, D 2017. HD, 90 min.
Dir: Dirk Manthey
A strandfilm & Dirk-Manthey-Film production.
Supported by Hessische Filmförderung (Land/HR), Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig/ Holstein and Nordmedia.
Even nowadays we may find groups of people excluded from the rest of world in isolated areas. There are various reasons for that: for example (among other reasons) fear to become infected or xenophobia - but also requirements out of special work situations. Which consequences does this have for the people involved?

Premiere: tba


In Theaters

Barstow, California
Documentary, D 2017, HD, 76 min
Dir: Rainer Komers,
Supported by Hessische Filmförderung, Filmstiftung NRW, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Filmförderung Hamburg/ Schleswig-Holstein
Distributed by JIP Film, Frankfurt

Festivals 2018:
Visions du Réel, Nyon, Viennale, Duisburg Filmwoche (Winner of Main prize, donated by arte TV)

The third part of »The American West Trilogy« (the other parts are »Nome Road System« and »Milltown, Montana«) is a moving and complex portrait of the landscapes of Mojave Desert and its life. The movie with its easy going structure, not unlike the economical fingerpicking of a John Fahey, works like a skeletal, timeless blues. It unfolds life within and outside of the context of neoliberalism, an ideology widely shaping American life. The voice of poet and prisoner Stanley »Spoon« Jackson, in 1977 sentenced to life imprisonment (without the possibility of an early release) reads excerpts from his autobiography »By entHeart«, while inserts show a world perishing in the face of the cruel reality of ruthless fiscal policy.
»Barstow, California« shows the other side of the American Dream. Giona A. Nazzaro (Visions du Réel – Nyon). Giona A. Nazzaro (Visions du Réel - Nyon)

Documentary by Dieter Reifarth, D 2013, 116 min.
A strandfilm production - distributed by PANDORA Film.

House Tugendhat in the Czech Brno (Brünn) is a spectacular work of modern architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It narrates the paradox between artistic utopias and political disasters, the interlocking of public and family history, the interplay of memory and forgetting, of Jewish exile, cold war, powerlessness and time…

Ruhrurbia – Ruhr.Record
Dir: Rainer Komers, D 2014, HF, 30+45 min.

A strandfilm & komers-film production in coproduction with the WDR. Supported by BKM, Hessen Filmfunds  and Filmstiftung NRW.
Rainer Komers new documentary »Ruhr Record« is a special kind of exploration. He invites the audience to a visual journey through the Ruhr area and its small and major events. Some things are as you would might expect them to be (smelting furnaces or incoming mates, for example), but we are constantly encountering the emergence of a new spirit. Young black-haired people with sleek cars for example. They listen to Oriental sounds - underlaid with a fat, pumping hip-hop groove. Today’s Ruhrgebietler.
Premiere: Dok Leipzig 30.10.2014
In Distribution

The Torture
Documentary film essay, D 2017. HD, 58 min.
FBW: bw (particularly valuable)
Dir: Dieter Reifarth
A strandfilm production supported by Hessen Film & Media GmbH
»Torture is the most awful incident that a human can preserve in oneself. It is however preserved in many humans. Whoever succumbs to torture will no longer have the feeling of being at home in the world. And there is no »superseding«. Do you supersede a liver spot? You can have it removed by surgery, but the skin replacing it is not the skin in which you can be comfortable.  
Jean Améry gives a voice to all those who are locked for life in the silence and rigidity of their traumas.  
A documentary film essay along the fundamentals of Améry's work between present and musealized recollection, far from any fictionalization.
Documentary, D 2017. HD, 89 min.
Dir: Thomas Elsaesser

A coproduction of strandfilm & Martin Elsaesser foundation in cooperation with ZDF/ 3sat - supported by Hessen Filmfunds.
A movie about coincidences and posthumous glory, about love, families and friendship, about big and small history, about Germany in between the wars, about an island in Berlin, about protection of the environment and circular economy, about the dead who unexpectedly speak to the living, about the reunion with the past which hasn’t only passed, but hardly anyone suspected their existence.  

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