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My Name and Me

In Cinema
Documentary, HD, 86 min.
Dir: Birgit Lehmann & Ole Weissenberger
A production of Lehmann/Weissenberger/Frankfurt and strandfilm/Frankfurt - in cooperation with Hessischer Rundfunk
Supported by Hessen film funds and Filmfunds Baden-Württemberg.

Premiere: International Hofer film festival 2013
Everyone has a name. But is it the right one?
A film about names and identity
»Would my life be different if I had been baptized Natascha?« Hildegard Knef asks herself in her famous song. What does our name do to us?
Does it, »nomen est omen«, describe our being, does it even influence our personality and determine success and failure throughout life?
Everyone has a name. It is usually decided on before birth and is preserved beyond death. Some are short, some are long. Some are funny, some are unique and some are rare. There are nice names and not so nice ones, there are popular  names and unpronounceable ones. Our name belongs to us but it is not our property, otherwise we could just change it. Just like a pair of shoes, the apartment or the partner! True to the motto: »Make the best out of your type«. »Name is sound and smoke!« Faust says to Gretchen. But is it really so?
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