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Brinks Bandit / der Panzerknacker

In Cinema
Brinks Bandit / Der Panzerknacker
Documentary, D 2006. HD, 87 min.
Dir: Perter Dörfler
A production of strandfilm/Frankfurt in coproduction with ZDF and in cooperation with ARTE.  
World premiere: 21.05.2006 / Cologne - in the context of the »Cologne Conference«.
Selected to the TopTenNonFiction 2006 of the Cologne Conference.

Prison Schwalmstadt, Hesse. Otto Schäfer serves here and remembers. He had specialized on the robbery of money transporters after discouraging experiences as a bank robber. He successfully executed this »profession« with four friends. Otto’s »tank-buster gang« committed numerous profitable attacks between 1993 and 1997 in Hesse, Germany. A highlight of their work was the raid on Toom market in Egelsbach, in which the gang captured more than 2 million DM.
DVD is available at strandfilm – email: or on Amazon.
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