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Soon to be started

Feature Film, HD, 90 min.
Dir: Max Zähle
In coproduction with Port-au-Prince film production, Berlin
Supported by Hessen Film
August 1834, Hesse. The Napoleonic Wars are over, Europe has been reorganized, the people only want peace - but new trouble already is on advance.
Georg Büchner and his friend August Becker are part of a movement which is going to peak in the March revolution of 1848. And rector Weidig is the head, the spider in the conspiratorial network. His followers, however, are tired of his lame and powerless speeches and writings. He has to fear for his influence and leadership position.
New life comes into the movement when Georg Büchner, placed by Becker, joins and composes his rebellious pamphlet, »The Hessian country courier«, a pamphlet that uses official figures (of the Grand Duchy of Darmstadt) for the first time to protest against unjust taxes and to point out the misery of the masses, with a title that is still well-known today: »Peace to the huts, war to palaces«.
But soon the conspirators are targeted by the authorities. In particular, Judge Georgi pursues them and he has no qualms about abusing his office and bending the law. August Becker and Weidig are arrested, Büchner becomes a suspect, still tries to free August Becker from prison - but before he has to save himself ..
In Development

Documentary, HD, 90 min.
Dir: Stanislaw Mucha

The continent that wanted to unite itself as the United States of Europe is as estranged as never before. How could that happen? In our first movie DIE MITTE / THE CENTER (2003) and after visiting many of geographical centers of Europe we wanted to advance to its true center, its heart. Instead we met people that felt connected to Europe in a friendly and even enthusiastic way. Everyone assumed the presence of a European heart – but could never exactly locate it.
Today, in the year 2020, it’s time to go on that journey again– looking for a true center, a center around which everything could revolve, spin or turn. Maybe in doing so we’ll discover that out of the many centers from back then which were synonymous for a single center which was supposed to be called Europe – several centers have long been formed through cell division. In a conversation with the people that we’re meeting (again) at the centers of 2003 we want to find out what they think about the current situation in Europe (and their own), the cooperation or competition in a new orderly world which has almost nothing to do with the story of growing together. Today, it seems as if the center of Europe moves erratically in all directions, a »liquid center», a liquid center so to speak. Now that Europe is being scolded so much, we want to dare a pro-European movie this time. We therefore begin our research in the Empire of the Middle – in China…
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